22 Jobs Announced With Attractive Salary Package

Women candidates are equally encouraged, Leading Executive Jobs

The list of Job Openings by the United Nation for Geneva is as under here.

1-      Program Management Officer, Deadline: 11.06.2021

2-      Human Rights Officer, Deadline: 06.06.2021

3-      Economic Affair Officer, Deadline: 11.06.2021

4-      Human Rights Officer, Deadline: 04.06.2021

5-      Human Rights Officer (Two Posts), Deadline: 04.06.2021

6-      Economic Affairs Officer, Deadline: 02.06.2021

7-      Chief Commodities Branch, Deadline: 29.05.2021

8-      Senior Interior, (Arabic), Deadline: 29.05.2021

9-      Information System Officer (Technology Advisor), Deadline: 29.05.2021

10-  Chief Trade Analysis Branch, Deadline: 27.05.2021

11-  Senior Interior (French), Deadline: 27.05.2021

12-  Information System Officer (TJO) (Temporary), Deadline: 27.05.2021

13-  Chief Trade, Environment, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development Branch, Deadline: 26.05.2021

14-  REVISER (FRENCH), Deadline: 26.05.2021

15-  Reviser (French), Deadline: 26.05.2021

16-  Human Rights Officer, Deadline: 25.05.2021

17-  Interior (Chinese), Deadline: 23.05.2021

18-  Interior (French), Deadline: 23.05.2021

19-  Legal Officer, Deadline: 20.05.2021

20-  Human Rights Officer, Deadline: 19.05.2021

21-  Associate Administrative Officer, Deadline: 19.05.2021

22-  Human Rights Officer, Deadline: 18.05.2021

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