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Approximately costs to study in California

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California is a state in western American. It is also called a golden state because of its high agricultural production. Hollywood, golden gate bridge, Disneyland, death valley, etc. Are some of the most famous things related to California. Not only this, things which attract people to California is that it is very well developed, it provides all basic necessities to its citizens from high-quality food, health education, employment, transportation, markets to the cinema, and clubs. The education system of California is very famous and it is the homeland of many top universities of the US.  Many students involved in a dream to study in California.

This article tells you the overall expenses of living in California particularly important for people who want to know how much it takes to study in their dream university in California.

How costly it is to get a degree in universities and colleges of California?

On average college fee in California is around $14,229 per year. Although California is considered the most expensive among all states of America surprisingly university fee in California is approximately 200 dollars less than that of any university in the US for the same degree program. California is neither very expensive nor very cheap for international students, it is somewhere in between. Some degrees would be easier to persuade while for others you might need financial aid or scholarship.

Most popular university

According to a survey, the most popular university in California is


More than 40,000 students are enrolled and more than 20-degree programs are being offered, including a degree in architecture, media culture, business, and many more.

The tuition fee for local students for postgraduate programs is about 17,500 dollars while for the same degree program the cost for international students is 32,500 dollars per year.

Average cost

On average a bachelor’s degree program of four years can cost up to $138,480. It includes tuition fees and approximate living expenses.

For the master’s degree program it may cost around 10,000 dollars for local and around 22,000 thousand dollars for international students.

Comparing the above figures we can say that studying in California is very expensive and is almost double for foreign students as compare to local residents.


After getting done with their admission and tuition fee the main concern for students is an affordable residence.

Many options are available for the student. You can live in a residence provided by your university which is less expensive. Usually, it is around 13,000 dollars per year.

You can also rent private apartments they are a bit expensive but are more comfortable and ensures privacy. The estimated cost of a private room is about 16,000 dollars per year.

Books and other stationery

Money required for books and other stationery is around 1200 dollars per year. But this is just an average. For some degree programs, you are required to read books that are costly therefore the annual cost varies for different degree programs.


Transportation in California is very expensive. Although public transport is available in the form of buses, trains, etc. But it is not really common, people usually own personal cars. Therefore transportation can cost you a lot while your stay in California. Usually, 80-85 dollars are spent on public transport per month per person.

Food and groceries

Grocery and food prices are higher in California than in any other state of the US. On average a single meal for one person can cost you around 14 dollars. That is almost 36 dollars per day for one person. If you compare it with other states of the US it’s only 7 dollars per day for one person.

If you cook food at home its monthly expense would be around 150 dollars.

Other expenses


Students need to relax and take some time off from their studies. usually, they go for a good dinner in a fancy restaurant or go to the movies for a night out in California.

One meal in a good restaurant can cost you about 53 dollars.

The cost of Movie tickets for two people is 29 dollars. One drink in a club is 5 dollars.

Gym and fitness

One month’s membership fee for a gym is between 50 to 60 dollars.




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