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Australia is one of the most famous study spot for students around the globe for your studies in 2023-2024

Study in Australia 2023-2024

There are more than 600,000 students currently studying in the country, although studying in Australia can be expensive and can cost about 20,290 Australian dollars.

This article will give you detailed information about the total cost of living and studying in Australia and all the information needed to avail scholarships in Australia.

The total cost for all academic and non-academic expenses is discussed in the following paragraphs.

The approximate tuition fee for international students is about 30,840 Australian dollars which equal ~US$22,170, (it may cost slightly more for postgraduate students)

The official Australian government gave scholarships annually for students.

The amount is different for different degree programs, which is described below,

For a Master’s degree, it may be between 14,400 -26,600 dollars while for doctoral degree programs it is approximately 26,600 dollars.

These scholarships do not include medical degrees which can be more costly.

Some of the most renowned Australian institutes, which include the Australian National University released the annual estimated fee of students.

According to this estimate under graduation in these institutions can cost about 36000 Australian dollars for some art programs, as mentioned above for medical-related degrees it can cost more.

For postgraduate degrees, it can vary from 36000 Australian dollars to 45000 Australian dollars.

A Ph.D. degree, it may cost you be up to 41,000 in Australia.

In the medical program, it can be expensive and cost up to 80000 Australian dollars.

Apart from these, the cost for other expenses such as student services or other services that are not academic can be as expensive as 298 Australian dollars.

These expenses are not charged by all the Australian universities, but you need to check beforehand so that it doesn’t take you by surprise.

Many expenses are largely subsidized by the Australian government, therefore it has always been very economical for domestic students to study in their own country.

Commonwealth-supported places are accessible at all public and some private institutions in Australia.

Depending on your degree programs, your university, and the city where you are studying costs can vary.

The approximate range between minimum and maximum is set by the Australian government for each Austrian band.

For 2018, the official cost issued by the government was between 6500 Australian dollars for the 1st band, about 9185 Australian dollars for the 2nd band, and about 10000

You are supposed to calculate your total expenses by adding all your subject cost or unit cost which is covered by your band .in order to get your total expenses per unit first you have to get the EFTSL figure which is credit for unit and is expressed in a fraction.

This ESFTL value is to be multiplied by the band charge fee, by this you will get your total expenses per unit.

It seems difficult but there are certain alternative calculators available online, by which you can find out your total fee cost easily.

Many universities have these calculators available on their websites.

Domestic students fee is also calculated in a similar manner as international students.

Many universities post estimated fees for their academic year online on their websites.

By this students can easily see figure out how much their degree will cost them in an upcoming academic semester, some universities, for example, cost between 19000 Australian dollars to 57000 Australian dollars for the psychiatry program.

In Australia, unfortunately, foreign students are not eligible for loan programs for their higher studies.

The loans are provided to domestic students based on their degree programs and requirements by the Australian government.

Some of these loans are given only for tuition fees, other cover student services, or vocational education.

Some loans are given for their training fees as well.

The Australian government also aids students by giving scholarships to international students from different countries including Asia, the Middle East, some American and European countries as well as local students Fellowships are also funded by the government.

These scholarships are provided to both undergraduates and postgraduates.

There are different scholarship programs for foreign students which are as follows

Short-term fellowship- this is for short-term research for both graduate and undergraduate levels.

This scholarship is provided for six months, It is a diploma or associate degree, which takes almost two and a half years.
Students who are looking for scholarships for their masters or Ph.D. The degree program should put in an application for endeavor Scholarship, offering roughly AU$15,000 for each semester for a time period of up to two to four years for masters

To study at Australia University you have to apply early for all fellowship and scholarship programs.

The fellowship and scholarship applications are usually taken in early and mid-April and are closed by the end of April

If you are graduated from the United Kingdom, Britain- the Australian community is there to help you with their Northcote program.

This society not only funds your tuition fee and other academic charges but also provides travel expenses.

They also give allowance for a time span of three years during a study program in Australia

If you want to attend Australian institutes, you should look up all universities you are interested in or the universities which offer your desired degree program.

Many of these institutes provide scholarships to both local as well as foreign students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

There are certain requirements to fulfill before you start your degree program.
In order to study in Australia, first, you have to prove that you have more than 20,000 Australian dollars as living expenses per year.

If you are thinking to bring your spouse along with you, then you’ll need to show an extra amount of 7000 Australian dollars.

In case you have kids, you have to prove an additional amount of 2,200 Australian dollars for each kid.

In addition to this, you are also bound to show that you can afford to return air tickets for your family.

In case you bring your children, you have to prove that you can afford their education and other expenses while studying in Australia.

These guidelines are provided by Australian immigration, although you might not need to pay this much amount money after arrival.

The guidelines given by a study in Australia suggest the amount between AU$85 and AU$440 per week for residence, which depends on where you choose to stay i.e. if it’s a shared apartment on campus (inexpensive), or in a private hostel room (costly).

Apart from tuition and other academic charges you need to keep in mind certain miscellaneous expenses, a list of which is given below Mobile Phone and Internet bills – $20 to $55

To say in simple words, a student needs approximately AU$311 for one week.

You can also find details of these expenses online as many Australian institutes gave a detailed list of the expenses of living in their country on their online platforms, which includes student residence, groceries, travel, and all other necessary expenses.

They may even offer you local area costs and suggestions.

Keep in mind, the expenses listed by the institute will generally be for a semester or an academic year instead of a calendar year, therefore you will be required to budget accordingly if you plan to stay longer.


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