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Every scholarship has its own requirements. But some requirements are common in most. Whatever the requirements are, you have to be very careful and precise in completing the whole process of application. Prepare everything in advance. First, decide the scholarship to apply for. Find out the required documents. Collect and arrange them properly.
Here are some common documents required for most of the scholarship applications.

General Documents Required for All Scholarship Applications

Scholarship application form
It is the first and foremost document required by the scholarship provider. This includes your personal and academic information. Fill this form according to the provided guidelines. Make sure the information you add is authentic. Both these things are important to show that you are really interested in winning the scholarship.
● Passport or National Identity Card
A National Identity card is required to confirm your identity. A passport is required for all types of international scholarships. Check your passport validation first. It should be enough to cover your whole degree duration. Scholarship providers may demand a copy of the whole passport or first page only, as most of the information is written there.
 Transcripts, Result Cards or Diploma Certificates
Transcripts or result cards are the most important documents in this regard. They are proof of your academic qualification. You need to send the documents of your previously completed degree or diploma. Like, if you are applying for a graduation scholarship, you will provide your undergraduate transcripts. These documents should be approved by the university or school. If you have cleared any language proficiency test then must attach your certificate with the application
● Cover Letter
A cover letter is also known as a letter of motivation. It shows your ambitions and emphasizes the need for a scholarship. Be precise while writing it and keep it 300-400 words long only.
● Recommendation Letter
Some scholarship providers give a recommendation form that has to be filled by your teacher or supervisor. Others need a recommendation letter from a reference person, teacher, or supervisor. Letter from teacher or supervisor is advised because this gives more detailed information on your academic record, your interest in studies, and extracurricular activities.
● Resume                                                                                                                                                             You may need to attach a resume with an application. Mention all your skills, interest, and hobbies in it. This will help the scholarship provider get some extra information about you, along with the academic information. This is another opportunity to express yourself in the best way.
● Scores you achieved in standardized tests
You need to attach the scores of the test required by the university or school for admission. Tests like GRE, SAT, and GAT may be required by the university. A good score on such tests will help you in getting admission and scholarship as well.

Specific Documents Required for Some Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Essay
Some applications may require a scholarship essay written by you. You have to mention everything in it with regards to your academic achievements. Fulfill the defined criteria and do not exceed the word limit.
● Portfolio
A portfolio is required when you are applying for a scholarship for subjects like arts, drawing, and design. The portfolio is a picture of your skills and work. Make a good portfolio and send it with other documents.
● Financial Statement of Parents or Guardians including Tax Returns
This is required to get information about your financial status. Financial reports are required along with the tax returns. Send these documents if asked in the application requirements.
● Medical Fitness Report or Certificate
This is to ensure that you are medically fit. For this, you need to have a medical exam from an authorized hospital in your country. Get a certificate and send it with the application.

Checklist Before Submission of Application

Check the complete application for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Make sure there is no such mistake
● Follow the provided word limit to fill each section of the application. Also take it into account while writing the essay, cover letter, and recommendation letters.
● Submit all the documents required by the scholarship provider. No need to submit any extra documents.
● Keep a copy of the application and documents attached, before you send it.                                             ● Don’t miss the deadline. Send the application at the right time.


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