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Some countries are dream places for students to study. Hungary has become one of those countries over the years, particularly in medical sciences. Because of its traditions, culture, history and also it is a beautiful place to travel. These are not the only reasons that lead me to study in Hungary.

What made Hungary a Dream Destination for Studies?

Hungary is located in Europe. It is rich in history, culture and its language are quite different from other European countries. Carpathian Basin is a flat area where Hungary is situated. It is famous because of its largest grasslands in Europe.

Over the last few years, more than ten thousand international students visited Hungary for studies. Mostly medical science students, dentistry, and veterinary medicine study there. It is not like it is easy to get admission there. Rather you have to compete with a number of brilliant students for admission.

The medical degree of Hungary’s universities is accepted by WHO and can be transferred to European countries. Studies are available in English as well as in other languages like German etc. This may be to attract foreign students more. Most students come from Germany, Israel, Norway, Iran, China, and Canada to study here.

Education System

For more than six hundred years, academic excellence has been part of Hungary’s education system. Universities award affiliation to many colleges so you can study courses both at the university or college level. In 2005, the Bologna process was introduced by the schools of Hungary. This system allows both universities and colleges to launch undergraduate, graduate, master, and Ph.D. programs. There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled by the colleges to start these programs. Degrees of both college and university have the same value and can be transferred anywhere in Europe.

The whole education system of Hungary is divided between universities and colleges. College education lasts for four years. Whereas university education lasts for four to six years. The vocational curriculum lasts for two years. This is for secondary vocational school graduates and students. A Ph.D. course at university lasts for three years.

The academic year starts in Sep and ends in June. July and August are holiday months. Public institutions and universities both equally contribute to the education system.

More than sixty higher education institutes are working in Hungary, including minor colleges and high-ranked universities. These institutions and universities are supported by government or private organizations for finance.

Structure of Degree

The Bologna process introduced international standards in the study system. That is the reason the degrees awarded by universities and institutions in Hungary are accepted all over the world. This includes vocational degrees too. For some courses like medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine, a master the degree is awarded and the course of study is five or six years.

Admission Requirements

Like other universities, a study in Hungary also has certain requirements and criteria for admission. Mostly it is previous study records, language proficiency certificates, and entry tests.

Previous Study Record or Transcript

Transcripts or previous high school diplomas are required to apply for studies. This should be in English or Hungarian language.

Entry Test

You must clear the entrance test for admission. Only some courses need this test. You can clear this course in your home country before traveling to Hungary. If not then there is an option to get enrolled in a preparatory course before applying for studies. Usually, it lasts for two semesters. The tuition fee is charged that depends on the course and institution as well.

You will be ranked on the basis of your previous study records when you will apply for admission. This also includes work experience sometimes.

Language Requirements

Some programs require English and some Hungarian language tests to be cleared. You may also be asked to provide documents of IELTS or TOEFL. The score requirements are as follows.

  • For bachelor degrees:
  • between 5.0 to 6.0 points for the IELTS test
  • between 60 to 80 points for the TOEFL test
  • For master degrees:
  • between 5.5 to 6.5 points in IELTS
  • between 70 to 90 points in the TOEFL test

Other than that, some programs are offered in German. For those, you must know German. Language requirements will depend on the institution and the course you choose for your studies.

Housing and Accommodation

Finding a place to live during studies is as much important as applying for admission Hungary offers a number of options for this. Some universities have dormitories. This is the most economical option but not readily available. Living in dormitories may not be up to mark as you have to share living, but it is a great experience still.

The second option is to rent out an apartment. You can rent it alone or with two or three friends to make it more economical. You can also rent a room or be a paying guest in someone’s apartment. The rent of an apartment ranges between HUF$50 to 60,000 (EUR€190-230). Rent depends on the city and the location as well.

University in which you are applying for studies can also help you in finding a good place to live. You can search for apartments through newspaper ads. But you have to learn Hungarian or get help from a friend who knows Hungarian.

If you rent an apartment then you have to pay two months advance as this is the rule of renting contract there. This is a deposit that you can get at the end of the contract if you do not make any loss there.

Living Cost in General

Hungary is much more economical than other European countries in this respect. Though the cost is higher in major cities. On average, you need seven hundred and fifty Euros per month. This is enough for all the basic living necessities.

Taking Help from Different Websites

Different websites are available that have proper systems to help students in getting accommodation. You can also visit them for information and living.

Requirements for Education Visa

Visa is required for more than ninety days’ stay and for those who are not European citizens. You should get complete details of visa requirements. For a visa, you must have an invitation or offer letter from the Hungarian university. Visa processing usually takes a month but it can take longer. To avoid any delay, apply earlier. The following documents are required to apply for a study visa

  1. Offer letter from the university
  2. Proof of tuition fee.
  3. Valid passport
  4. Copy of passport photo page
  5. Recent passport photo
  6. Health insurance documents
  7. Housing or living address in Hungary
  8. Proof of funding
  9. a Visa application form
  10. Three stamped envelopes addressed to the applicant

You should schedule the consulate’s appointments four to six weeks in advance because appointment time is limited. After this time visa processing takes one to four weeks. Apply for a residence permit within fifteen days or reaching Hungary. It is applicable for both European and non-European students equally.

The following documents are required to get a permit.

  1. Tuition fee payment proof
  2. Approval from university
  3. Health insurance proof

Tuition Fee for Studies in Hungary

The study is much more economical than other European countries. Though it depends on the course and the university you choose for your studies. The tuition fee is usually higher for the medicine and dentistry courses. The tuition fee for these courses is around twenty thousand Euro whereas other programs cost almost four thousand and five hundred Euro.

Apart from this, the university may also require some other dues like application processing fees, examination fees, and registration fees, etc. All of this cost between one hundred to one hundred and fifty euros.

Scholarships are also offered by the Hungarian government and other private organizations. If you do not have enough money to study there, search for a good scholarship first.


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