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Five Fully Funded International Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

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Should I continue my studies after graduation or not? This question is in the mind of every graduating student. Many factors can make you think like this. Most important is the financial factor. The tuition fee and other expenses of postgraduate studies are very high. This may force you to start a job instead of studying further. But like every problem, this also has a solution. Here, some prestigious national and international organizations like universities, Non-government organizations, and government organizations, have solved this problem. They offer a fully-funded scholarship for national and international students.

Below you can find five fully funded international scholarships for undergraduate students.

Australia Awards Scholarships

Department of foreign affairs and trade offers this scholarship program. Australian awards scholarships program was started to help students from developing countries. Students of the Indo-Pacific region are the main focus. This is a long-term award program that provides a fully-funded undergraduate or postgraduate program. Various Australian universities are affiliated with this program. Some Technical education institutes are also part of it.
This scholarship award provides
● Full tuition fee
● Travel expenses
● One-time allowance for accommodation, books, and study material
● Living expenses
● The introductory academic program is a must before regular classes. This covers information and guidance regarding living and studying in Australia.
● Pre-course English fees
● Overseas student health cover to cover the basic health needs
● Supplementary academic support
● Fieldwork for Postgraduation

Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI)

Well, the mountain initiative was started for those students who want to serve their communities by studying subjects related to community welfare. WMI not only supports its students but also helps them to reach their goals.
To fulfill its aim Well Mountain Initiative, choose the highly motivated, determined, and passionate students. These students are mostly from those areas where there is a need for community work. In other words, developing countries where students are mostly facing financial problems. Students of forty-two countries are availing of the services of this program.
The common fields of study include engineering, community development, information technology, law, health sciences, business, and social work.
The criteria of the Wells mountain initiative include,
● Good grades in secondary education
● Students studying in developing countries

● Students who want to contribute to their own communities
● Already completed volunteers or community work experience
● I cannot study due to financial issues.
Twenty to forty students get to benefit from this program each year. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living, and travel expenses.

ICSP Scholarships at the University of Oregon

ICSP stands for the international culture scholarship program. The scholarship is offered for the brilliant student who also has financial needs. The scholarship requires a student’s participation in cultural service. The service can vary from mare participation to demonstration and group studies.
The criteria for scholarship award include
● Students who need financial aid
● Having culture service experience or participant in cultural activities
● Good presentation skill
● Outstanding academic records
● Good communication skills
Other requirements for the application are,
● Admission to the University of Oregon
● Not a resident of the United States
● Need Financial aid
● At least 3 GPA

Maastricht University SBE International School Scholarship

One scholarship is offered by the School of Business Education at Maastricht University. This scholarship aims to help needy students and for global reach. The scholarship is offered to international students to study a three-year bachelor’s program at the university.
The scholarship award value is almost eleven hundred euros. This is not a one-time scholarship. Instead, you have to renew the scholarship every year. This means, there must be a criterion to renew the scholarship. Yes, the renewal of the scholarship has the following requirements.
● Fulfill all requirements of the study
● Overall, seventy-five percent marks in the last exam
● Role in student recruiting activities for almost four months
The scholarship amount covers the following things.
● One time Allowance: 900 Euro
● Health and liability insurance: 500 Euro
● Visa costs: 304 Euro
● Tuition fee waiver: 8,500 Euro
● Refund of travel expenses: 1,000 Euro
Criteria of Application includes,

● Be accepted to an SBE bachelor’s program:
● BSc International Business
● BSc Economics and Business Economics
● BSc Econometrics and Operations Research
● Age should be less than thirty-five years, before the start of the academic year
● Cumulative GPA of at least 70%
● The student should have secondary education from an international school, member of the International school council

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program at the University of Toronto

Lester B. Pearson’s international scholarship program was started for those students who want to study in Canada but can not get a study permit. This is an undergraduate scholarship. Students who have cleared their secondary school can apply for Lester B. Pearson international scholarship program. Students will get a chance to study at the University of Toronto.
The purpose of the scholarship is to interact with brilliant international students. There is great competition. Only those candidates are selected who have outstanding academic performance along with community role and service experience. The scholarship is awarded every year and almost forty students get to benefit from this scholarship.
The scholarship covers all the dues including tuition fees, living, and travel expenses for a four-year study.


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