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Helping Guide for Studying Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree Abroad

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In a recent study, where over 32,000 students were surveyed globally, students’ interest in hospitality and tourism management-related studies has raised by 9%. The certificate programs are more suitable for working professionals looking to up enhance their skills in a particular area, whereas the broad range of bachelor degree programs delivered students an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of this industry. Degrees majoring in Tourism and Hospitality can concentrate in any one area of this industry, for instance, sustainable tourism development, or it may highlight a broad variety of subjects. These subjects may include but are not limited to management and administration, sales, accounting among many others. Numerous such programs offer students opportunities to gain hands-on experience by traveling abroad and become an internee in any industry. Students of these majors also enjoy the opportunity to study and learn any other modern language along with the major degree, which aids them in pursuing an international career.

Duration of The degree

Although getting earning certification in either hospitality or tourism can take very little time, even as less as two weeks only, getting an undergraduate degree takes a longer duration up to three or four years. At the undergraduate level, during the course of first-year studies, the students are given an idea of travel, hospitality, and leisure with the introduction of business administration and tourism management and essential underlying concepts. In the years to follow, students usually are provided with opportunities to travel abroad and get hands-on experience in the industry. Research work may need to be carried out and presented either in the shape of a project or thesis to conclude the degree.
A post-graduate degree in the field of tourism and hospitality typically concentrates on a particular area such as tourism legislation, sales, sustainability, or marketing. A degree at such a level is usually research-based and requires a dissertation at the end.

The need to study abroad for a hospitality and tourism degree?

There are numerous benefits to getting this degree abroad. Why do thousands of students travel globally to earn their hospitality management abroad?


When a student pursues the degree within the country, the contents and courses of the degree are mostly concentrated on the economic and business aspects of hospitality management. But, it’s worth challenging yourself to pursue your passions across the borders and upskill yourself with diversity.
Studying abroad introduces you to an entirely different view of life. You have the opportunity to will get to know an entirely new place with a different culture and most probably a different language. Naturally, these significant transformations bring new challenges. While getting adjusted and coping with the challenges you equip yourself with different essential skills before you even open the books.
By choosing a school to study abroad, you create a network of people within the same line of work and enhance your abilities to communicate across cultures. You get a chance to present yourself to the employers as an innovative individual who accepts challenges utilizes the skillset you have earned to accelerate in a vibrant, quick-paced workplace.
To catch tourists’ attention, graduate degrees are getting popular as the industry changes trends towards technology, eco-tourism, and becomes international. If you were unable to earn a degree abroad while pursuing a bachelor’s degree, it’s your time to compensate for it with a graduate degree abroad.

Suggestion from hospitality and tourism management graduates

Some of the graduates who recently graduated shared their thoughts on their degree programs. One of the students recalls his four-year degree program as an opportunity to cover all branches of the industry and pick up the one that’s his professional aims.
Another graduate aims to work with a multinational industry such as Walk Disney World as he feels the program equipped him with exceptional practical skills with a wide range of cultural diversity.
One of the graduates advises the newcomers to choose a program that can give them the opportunity to learn one new language at least. He further suggests undertaking an internship that involves long or continuous travels such as a cruise ship or multinational airlines.

Choosing the appropriate hospitality and tourism management

Some of the recent graduates were asked if there were any queries they asked or if they should have asked for during the course of their studies to pick up the appropriate program. The most common and useful questions they suggested to ask from the university before choosing the program are enlisted below.

  • Does the program focus on a particular single area of the industry?
  • Do you offer any opportunity to involve in any academic exchange program
  • Does the program include any language courses?

Choosing the right university?

If you intend to study tourism or hospitality at a university, the best choice is to choose a program that offers an integration of theory and practical experience. Individual studies and classroom lectures must be integrated with practical group tasks or projects.
Having a degree of such a nature must prepare the students to pursue a career in the travel industry, hence gaining site experience is essential. Numerous degree programs have a mandatory study/travel abroad policy as part of their course, which is sometimes combined with an internship to train students in the real industrial scenario.
It is of immense importance to select the program which has a mandatory requirement or course to learn a new language. Bridging the gaps between the language barriers gives you an edge over others in an international industry.
In the end, search for a program that can offer exceptional facilities. Many universities require a research thesis at the end of the degree program. In such a situation a well-equipped library with common learnings is essential. Moreover, nothing is more important than the faculty. Does the university have ample faculty? Are they qualified enough? Ponder over these points before you make a choice.


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