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Writing a research proposal has always been one of the most challenging aspects of university life. There is a specific format as well as rules that students need to follow in order to submit their research proposal. The exact format might vary according to the type of your research proposal and the demands of the research journal or institution that you are planning to submit your research proposal.

There are some tips and basic points that you need to keep in mind while working on your research proposal. These points cover the sections that are required to get published a standard research proposal. Your research proposal is the first step that further highlights the importance of what is the significance of this paper and what the proposed research is addressing the issue. Similarly, it is extremely important to follow the exact format to meet the requirements of the standard research paper.

1-The Title

The first and foremost thing for any research proposal is the title. Your title needs to be highly relevant and linked with the topic of your overall research proposal or research paper. Your title is the first thing that will introduce you to your readers. Your title suggests what the readers should expect from the entire paper, what topics you will cover or which methodology you will be applying, and what will be your aim. Your title must be short and concise. Your title should be extremely interesting so that the readers should be encouraged to read the research proposal. Moreover, while writing any title, remember to make the title accurate, concise, and clear.

For example, you can write a short title as, “The post-colonial approach towards humanism” rather than writing phrases such as “The review of the post-colonial approach to the movement of humanism or The investigation of a postcolonial approach to the movement of humanism”. Make your title short but make sure to introduce the main subject without wasting words.

2-The Title Page:

To introduce the title of your research proposal, you need to make a title page. There are four things you need to keep in mind while making the title page for your research proposal.

The title page must include the title of your research proposal along with the name of the institution that you belong to. Write your name and registration number. Avoid writing any other description than these three as they will make your title page look messy.
● The institution or the journal will specify any format for your title page, follow that. In case they do not specify any, then apply the APA style for your title page.
● The shortened version of the title must appear on all pages of your document. For this, you can include and quote running head and quote in the upper left corner of your document.
● Do not forget to add the page number in the right corner on the upper side. The numbers will be appearing on all pages of your document.

  • Insert your name below the title of your proposal. Write the name of your primary institution below your name. After that, you can add any co-author or any affiliations of co-investigators of your research proposal. Make sure you have applied the double space by writing down the information.

3-The Abstract:

The abstract is the fundamental element of any research proposal. Almost all the readers prefer to read abstracts to find out the claim and aim of your research proposal and how you proved your claim. The abstract is basically the summary of your research proposal. The abstract includes your claim and the solutions and evidence you have given. It is basically a short summary of the problem addressed in your research proposal.

  • Write the word and quote Abstract and quote as a heading on the top of your page.
    ● Start writing your text just below the heading of the abstract.
    ● The word limit of your abstract will be 150-200 words most probably.

4-Writing the List of keywords And the table of contents:

Use the most relevant terms or keywords that present the major points of your research paper. The keywords should be 4-5 that are linked with the topic of your paper. You may include phrases that are popular and people might be searching for. If you choose the best keywords that will show your paper on many search engines by which you will be able to connect to the maximum number of readers.

  • For example, if your topic is High blood pressure, you may include keywords as tension, obesity, disease, stress blood circulation, etc                                                                                                                                  ● You can write a phrase of 3-4 words or you can use single words in your

The table of contents is another major aspect of your research proposal. Generally, the table of contents is included in the long research proposals and is written on the third page of the document. You can leave the table of contents in case you are writing a brief proposal but you need to be aware of the criteria of your institution.

5-Writing the Introduction and the Context or background:

The introduction should contain information about your claim, the problem you are addressing, and the significance of your research, and the aim of your research. The introduction should also give a brief overview of the background of your research. Your introduction should include the following

1- The problem you address and the solutions you find out.
2- The aim of your paper and how it will help in further investigation of the subject.
3- The definition of the theory you will apply.
4- What new problems or issues you will address.
5- What is your research question or research hypothesis?
6- The type of research or the type of analysis you will prove.                                                                                7- Evidence that will support your research claim.

These steps can be highly valuable for your research proposal. These steps can help you to write the challenging task of a research proposal a little bit easier.


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