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How to Write a Strong Scholarship Application?

Application is Foundation of the Scholarship, Guide for Application for Scholarship

Scholarships are very fruitful regarding financial aid and your academic credibility. Each year, a number of schools, colleges, universities, and other organizations, announce a scholarship for needy, or brilliant students. If you want to get any scholarship, you have to apply for it. Your application matters a lot in terms of scholarship approval. That’s why it should be written following the proper format. It should be free from any kind of mistake, i.e. spelling or grammatical mistakes.

You need to mention your qualification, academic record, and other skill if any. Also, some scholarship providers have special requirements and you have to fulfill them to get your application accepted. So, before writing the application gather all the data that you have to mention in the application.

A good tip is to write a rough draft first. Evaluate it for mistakes and errors then write it again perfectly. This will minimize errors.

Introduction Scholarship Application

A Scholarship application letter begins with the introduction of yourself. Later you have to mention the reason, why are you applying for this scholarship, and how much you need it.

Learn below the important parts of the application letter for scholarship.

First Paragraph

After the introduction, mention your goals and dreams regarding your career, in the first paragraph of the letter. Be passionate while expressing your academic goals. Emphasis on your interest in a particular subject for which you are going to apply for a scholarship.

Scholarship providers always want to award the scholarship to a student who is keen to study, struggle, and hard work. They never choose a student who is not passionate about his study and career. Awarding scholarships to such students can be a loss for them, as they might leave their goal in midway.

Second Paragraph

The second paragraph consists of your capabilities. Mention all of your achievements other than grades, i.e. achievements in extracurricular activities, in charity work, in any workshop or competition. You can also mention the academic gold medals and awards if you got any. These things will boost your application and give a positive impact on your personality. It tells the scholarship provider that you have much more abilities than getting good grades. These are the proof of your passion in pursuit of your career.

Third Paragraph / Do not be Desperate About the Money

The third paragraph is about the need for the scholarship. You have to answer, why you need this financial aid? Do not be desperate while writing this. Instead, be straightforward, and explain the reason shortly. Try to show that the study is more important for you than money and you need money to complete your study.

Fourth Paragraph

You can add a fourth paragraph too if you are left with anything you did not mention. This is the last paragraph of the letter so make it more energetic and fuller of positivity. The ending of the letter should be encouraging for the scholarship provider that he cannot hesitate in approval.

Letter Formatting

While writing the letter keep in mind that it should not be more than one or two pages. Consider these things too;

  • Font size 12
  • Line spacing doubled
  • Use resume paper
  • Grammar and spelling mistake check.

It is better to recheck the letter for grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Electronic Scholarship Application

If you have to send this letter in an email, then the email subject is also very important. Mention the name of the scholarship for which you are going to apply. Be precise. Keep it shorter than handwritten applications. End it with best regards. After that write your personal information i.e. name and contact number.

Sample Scholarship Application Letter

Your Name
City, Province, Zip Code


Scholarship provider’s Head Name
Scholarship Name
Scholarship provider’s Address
City, Province, Zip Code

RE: Application for Scholarship Name cover letter

Dear Scholarship provider’s Head Name:

It was of immense pleasure to read about the 500 dollars scholarship, (Scholarship provider’s name) is offering. I am (your grade) student and my goal is to get admission in (name of the college with the city) to become a doctor. It is my childhood dream to become a doctor, and I am very passionate about it.

My late father was a doctor too. I am observing this profession so closely since I was very young. I want to serve the nation, and share my sympathy with needy people. Also, I want to pursue the career of my father.

I did my graduation from (College name) in (completion date) with Honors. I have been a very active student throughout my studies. I participated in volleyball and won the first prize so many times. I am also the winner of the essay writing competition at my college. I attended all the workshops and extracurricular activities at my college, during my studies.

(Scholarship provider’s name), definitely, you will receive a number of scholarship applications. I wish you take my application in your consideration so that my dream of becoming a doctor comes true.

I can understand that study of medicine is very tough but still, I want to do it and I know I can do it effectively. There is nothing that can not be achieved in this world, I believe. Your little help will do a lot for my study expenses. I appreciate your consideration.


Your Signature
Your printed name
List of Enclosures

Sample Cover Letter for Scholarship Application

Your Name
Your Address
City, Province, Zip Code


Scholarship provider’s Head Name
Scholarship provider’s Name
Scholarship Provider’s Adress
City, Province, Zip Code

RE: Cover Letter for (Scholarship name) Application

Dear (Scholarship provider’s head name):

I am writing this application for ( scholarship name) to continue my studies in (degree name). I am currently enrolled in the course and need some financial aid to complete it. I am doing a part-time job in (post related to your degree) and want to pursue my career here after degree completion.

I have been doing some volunteer jobs during my high school that’s why I have practical experience in my field too. This helped me to gain a lot of knowledge. I also won some certificates and awards regarding this. My aim is to work in the same field after completing my degree.

I can complete my degree if I get this scholarship. My father died 2 years ago, and my mother can not support my studies now.

Thank you for considering my application. Kindly find the recommendation letter from my college with a scholarship application and my result cards. I hope to hear from you soon.


Your Signature
Your Name (Printed)
List of Enclosures


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