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How to Write Winning Scholarship Essay

Mostly Basic Requirement for International Scholarships is Self Written Essay

The question is very tricky. If you compare different winning scholarship essays, you will see that each of them is very different from others. The only thing that is the same in all of them is their uniqueness. The different way of expression makes your scholarship application essay prominent and catchy. For this reason, be self-centered while writing. Write it in your own simple understandable style, and mention everything related to yourself only. In other words, the scholarship essay should be very personalized.

This article is based on the experience of a scholarship-winning person. grab the basic structure of the application but do write it in your own words, according to yourself.

Read the essay statement more than one time and pick the main idea behind

Let the essay statement of the scholarship is, “Where I showed responsible leadership, revolution, and what was its impact on my community”. In this statement, the key idea behind is leadership.

Understand the meaning of the main idea

You identified the main idea behind the essay statement as leadership. Now, the need is to understand the meaning. One may take it as the roles and responsibilities of being a leader but if you read it carefully, you will know that it demands detailed information regarding the impact of leadership. So, the need is to write about all the improvements and good things that happened during your leadership.

Use the words mentioned in the Essay statement to fill your form

Using the words from the scholarship essay statement will empower your application. It will show how well you understood the idea. Like in this statement, leadership, revolution, and impact on the community are the words that you can use in your application, more than one time.

Engaging Start

The start of the application should be engaging and interesting. You can do so by writing something that relates to your work or subject. Like you can write a famous saying or quotation. Make sure that it is relevant to your application body.

Focus the Criteria

Try to figure out the criteria for a scholarship award by reading the essay statement carefully. You will get to know that here the main focus is on leadership and the impact on the community. So try to write about these things more clearly in your application.

What to write in a scholarship essay for Leadership?

  • What was the level of your leadership?
  • What experience you had?
  • Was the result positive?
  • How you managed everything?
  • Why you find this work interesting?
  • Did you face any difficulty? What was that? How did you deal with it?
  • What did you learn from this leadership?
  • Did this leadership have any effect on your life?
  • Is it beneficial for your future?
  • Are you willing to do such work again?

What to write in a scholarship essay for community impact?

  • Is the work being time-consuming?
  • How you managed and are you happy with it?
  • Is the work still important for you? If yes then why?
  • What was its impact on the community? Do you think it was positive?
  • What was the response of the community?

In short, the need is to write truly about yourself. This will show that you really know about yourself, your work, and your dream goals. That is the only way to make your scholarship essay application prominent among others.


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I was the executive vice president of the General Insurance Company. With that I also mentor students to help them find and apply for international scholarships each year, Due to extensive practice in vehicle insurance, their claims, and all sorts of interest in vehicles; today it became my passion to write research articles on vehicles.

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