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Is free education in Europe?

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Indian students are moving abroad for higher education in great numbers but some of them canceled their plans.

Rather than academics, money has a great impact on studying abroad. Studying abroad especially in European countries has changed the lifestyle of students in society.

Europe encourages international students by offering scholarships to other parts of the world.

What is free education in Europe?

The free study doesn’t mean any expense, European countries give scholarships through which a student gets tuition fee-free or a degree at low-cost options.

Countries Offering Free Education in Europe

Countries that provide low-cost education for international students include some Scandinavian countries ( Norway, Sweden, Finland), Germany, Poland, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, etc.

1. Germany

The government provides funds for all public sector universities in Europe. The only fee submitted by bachelor and master students is the tuition fee.

A Study in Germany scholarship was introduced for the students, studying at the private universities of the Country. Germany made education much simpler and inexpensive.

Even, English is the teaching language for international students which is much easier for students.

2. Norway

Norway’s government thinks taking higher education is everyone’s right so for this purpose the government decided to waive off tuition fees in all public universities.

only students having good academic records can have this opportunity applied to a strict admission policy.

3. Sweden

There are two types of scholarships offered by the Sweden government to international students.

  • Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals
  • Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

The above-mentioned scholarship includes tuition fees, travel fares, living costs, etc for students appearing in master’s programs in Swedish universities.

4. Finland

International students can have a free education in public sector universities in Finland but students are taught to be in Finnish and Swedish languages.

Students who want to be taught in English have to pay tuition fees.

5. The Netherlands

Renowned universities offer fully paid scholarships to bachelor and master programs.

University demands a good academic background including proficiency in the language.

6. Austria

13 good ranked universities provide living at low cost and education for European students and international students as well at very affordable cost only 1500 euros per annum.

7. Greece

Like Austria, Greece also provides a low tuition fee for international students around 1500 euros/year and free education for European students.

8. Poland

Around 2o ranked universities provide good education to international students at a low cost around 2000 euros/year for bachelor’s and 3000 euros/year for master’s degree programs. Living is also quite affordable.

9. Slovenia

The cost of education is around 3000 euros/year which is affordable and the living cost is also very low.

10. Italy

Indian students have the great benefits of free education in Italy because it only requires 70% of bachelor’s degrees. Master’s degree programs come with scholarships.

Benefits of free education in Europe

Benefits include:

Free education helps you in achieving your goals.

Domestic violence is controlled by educated people.

It enhances personnel skills

It opens career opportunities

How many Countries accepts Schengen Visa

Europe is a dream place for many people. Visa includes travel in 26 countries and comes in the Schengen area. Do not forget to accompany Schengen insurance with a visa. Countries include:

  1. Spain
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Denmark
  4. Finland
  5. Germany
  6. Hungary
  7. Italy
  8. Lithuania
  9. Luxembourg
  10. The Netherlands
  11. Poland
  12. Slovakia
  13. Sweden
  14. Liechtenstein
  15. Switzerland
  16. Slovenia
  17. Portugal
  18. Norway
  19. Malta
  20. Lithuania
  21. Iceland
  22. Greece
  23. France
  24. Estonia
  25. Austria
  26. Belgium

Schengen visa provides authorization for:

  • Travel Schengen states and stay there for 90 days
  • Travel through worldwide travel region of Schengen States

Erasmus Program

The term Erasmus stands for European Locale Activity Conspire for the Portability of College Understudies. This specific program gets stores from the EU. This program organizes understudy exchanges.

This trading program gives understudies universal involvement. This program incorporates either a portion of the degree or traineeship in other countries.

This trading program happens either within the moment or third year of the degree courses.

The term of this program can be amplified up to twelve months.

This consideration of an overseas program ought to be related to your degree. It ought to assist you to create your individual qualities. When it comes to expenses, the Erasmus program does not request any extra charges.

Moreover, reserves will be profited to back them monetarily. Applications for this Erasmus program can be profited either by the College Erasmus office or the universal office.


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I am an automotive freelance professional and won a scholarship to study abroad for free to complete my automotive studies. Here I guide students to apply for international opportunities and also share my thoughts on the latest tech sector.

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