Peter J Jones Scholarship for Chemical Engineering

Study Abroad in The University of Queensland Australia

Enrolment status: New students, currently enrolled students

Student type: Domestic students

Level of study: Undergraduate

Study area: Engineering and Computing

Scholarship value: The value of the scholarship will be at least $4,500 for each year that it is held.

Scholarship duration: Up to 2 years

Number Awarded: 1

Opening date: 24 September 2020

Closing date: 8 March 2021

About Scholarship

The Peter J Jones Scholarship is for Chemical Engineering was established in 2019 under the Create Change Scholarship Match initiative and is supported by an endowment gift of $50,000 from Peter and Elizabeth Jones.

The purpose of the Scholarship is to encourage and support students facing financial hardship who intend to study the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) program in any field of engineering of the chemical engineering discipline at The University of Queensland.


An applicant is eligible for the Scholarship if the applicant –
(a) submits an application to the Head, by the closing date for applications;
(b) is enrolled or intends to enroll full-time in an Approved Program in the year of the award;
(c) will complete, or has completed, Year 12 studies in the two-year period prior to the year of the award;
(d) is a domestic student in accordance with the University’s Student Fees Policy;
(e) has not undertaken any prior tertiary study at a Bachelor level or above, other than studies in special university programs designed for secondary school students;
(f) can demonstrate financial hardship; and
(g) does not hold another scholarship that the Head considers to be similar.

Terms and conditions

1.The recipient may hold the Scholarship for up to two years, subject to the recipient –

  1. (a) continuing to be enrolled full-time in an Approved Program;
    (b) maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress in each semester of study;
    (c) not holding another scholarship that the Head considers similar; and
    (d) in the second year of study only, being enrolled in the Relevant Field.
  2. If a recipient fails to satisfy rule 6(1), the recipient must show cause to the Head why the Scholarship should not be canceled.

    4. The Scholarship may be deferred or interrupted in exceptional circumstances as considered relevant by the Head.

The University may terminate a Scholarship –

(a) if the recipient does not show cause to the reasonable satisfaction of the Head as provided in rule 6(2);
(b) if the recipient defers or interrupts their study without approval; or
(c) if the student commits serious misconduct.


In these rules- 
Approved Program means the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) program or the integrated engineering program, or an engineering dual program.
Head means the Head of School, School of Chemical Engineering.
Relevant Field means any chemical engineering field.
Satisfactory Academic Progress means meeting the requirements to remain enrolled in accordance with the University’s Academic Progression Procedure.
Scholarship means the Peter J Jones Scholarship for Chemical Engineering.

How to apply

Please submit an online application by the due date.

Selection criteria

  1. For the selection process, the Head must establish a selection committee, comprising –

(a) the Head, or nominee, as Chair of the committee;
(b) at least one academic staff member who is currently teaching in an Approved Program.

  1. The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the following criteria –

(a) demonstrated financial hardship;
(b) academic achievement in secondary school studies;
(c) personal qualities including leadership potential
(d) strength of interest that the applicant demonstrates in chemical engineering, as evidenced by a cover letter, short answer responses within the application, and a resume;
(e) performance at interview (if held); and
(f) any other matter that the selection committee considers to be relevant to the applicant’s future success in the engineering profession.

  1. The selection committee may interview shortlisted applicants.


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