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How much important of research paper for the winning of scholarship

Conducting research and writing and publishing it, can sometimes become a very difficult and stressful task for students, particularly those who are doing it for the first time?

This article is written to help you in conducting and writing a reliable research paper. This article will help you from selecting the topic until the completion of your research, including how to write an introduction, choice of method, selection of thesis statement, and result. It will also give you guidance about citations.

Let’s start,


The first and most essential step in writing research is to find a topic that is interesting, challenges you, and is feasible to conduct research on. Choosing a good topic is necessary because it is going to determine your knowledge, efforts, the time needed for research, and the group of people you are going to work with me. It is also important to look into and make note of the topic in which you are interested and have knowledge about the previous studies that were done on that topic.

In order to choose a good topic, you need to follow some steps given below,

First of all, narrow down your topic which means you need to be more specific about your topic. Like this, if you are dealing with research on food narrow it down to that specific food or its particular aspect. For example, instead of choosing how diet affects your health, you can choose how eating sweets can affect your mental health or how fats affect your heart health.


In order to make your paper stand out, you have to explore a little bit to analyze what has already been done. While doing so, make note of certain points e.g. which things lack research or which aspects particularly need more exploration and also about things that don’t need any further research or work. Always try to explore new aspects, it will make your paper stand out and helps you to publish it and you will be able to get higher grades from your professor. You can use online URLs, encyclopedia e.g. BRITANNICA, google scholar, etc. for this purpose. You need to be selective of your data because the quality of this information varies and some sites can show political bias, or may not be reliable. Use domains such as .gov, .org or .Edu etc.


The thesis is basically the central idea of your research, it is the main point on which your research is based, and all your arguments emanate from this central point. Therefore, you have to write your thesis statement carefully after critical thinking.

Although the thesis statement is usually required in a research paper sometimes it is not necessary. So, you have to do a  decision if your research work needs it or not. If you have a doubt, you can confirm this with your professor and he will be able to guide you better. Include your thesis statement in the initial paragraphs of your research – in the introduction paragraph or in the initial one or two paragraphs. The thesis statement cannot be formed before analyzing and organizing your research material and ideas. It is slowly developed as your research progress. Try to stay away from vague statements, and develop sharp arguments. The vague statement can make the audience lose interest, your paper should always be captivating and should bring something new to gain the audience’s engrossment.


You need to keep in mind the following points while writing a thesis statement,

1-It should include the basic idea and explanation of your research subject.

2- what should be expected from your paper

3- Present your points with which people can argue.

4- ensure your thesis is strong and your arguments are clear and valid

Now that you are sure about your thesis statement lets, to begin with, the stepwise writing of the research paper.


It is a paragraph that shows an outline of your research. It should include your thesis statement and main idea about research. You have to justify in this paragraph that why is your research important and what it brings to your audience. You are also required to briefly explain your method and interpretation in the introduction.


You are required to briefly review the literature regarding your research in order to make a very clear image in your mind. In this way, you will be able to present it with more confidence and clarity. You need to find answers to the following questions in your literature review.

-Theories and concepts (including all sources e.g. journal articles, online information, relevant publications, and textbooks)

-Purpose behind the research

-Impact of your research on society

– Practical and achievable solutions to be explored

– Verifiable literature (journal articles)

– Rough overview of relevant research studies done previously

– Methodology used

– Major findings of your research study



In this part of your research, you are supposed to answer the following points in mind.

  1. State fixed questions that you ask in your research
  2. Description of your method.
  3. details regarding the collection of data
  4. Justification of your research method, why did you choose this particular method

RESULTS AND Discussion

The following points are to be written under this heading

  1. Major findings.
  2. Make Use of tables, graphs, and charts to explain findings
  3. The relevance of your findings in view of previous research
  4. Limitations of your study?


This is the last part of your research paper. It includes the following

  1. A brief explanation of issue analysis, the methodology used, and important findings.
  1. Briefly description of the original idea of study and your accomplishments in this research work
  1. Explain how this study will help future researchers and how can they expand can expand your research work

All findings of your research paper must be related to the original topic that you chose.


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