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Is interview final step for scholarship?, Tips for Interview

If your application is considered for an interview, you are close to winning the scholarship. But it is still not easy. There is tough competition too. The need is to be prepared for the interview to cope up with the nervousness and failure. You should be confident about what are you saying. This is possible when you know what will be asked of you. Here are some questions asked by most of the scholarship interviewers.

Common Interview Questions and their Answers

1. Tell About Yourself?
This is the first question asked in most of the interviews. The interviewer asks this question to build a good environment. There is no need to tell the things mentioned in your application. Tell him about your interests, special qualities, and hobbies.

2. How will you use the scholarship amount?
This is an important question. It is asked mostly as the scholarship provider wants to give the scholarship to the right person. You cannot answer this question instantly. You have to do some calculations for it. You can calculate your dues, tuition fee, living cost, and other charges. Tell them about all these things and ensure all money will be used in the study.

3. What is your greatest strength?                                                                                                 

This is the time to express yourself in the best way. Choose your best quality & tell them why you think it is your greatest strength. What is its effect on yourself and the people surrounding you? Again, you cannot answer this on the spot. You have to think for a while. To avoid this gap am prepared for this question.

4. What is your greatest weakness?
Weakness doesn’t mean to portray yourself negatively. Rather, express it positively. Tell them how do you realize this & how do you overcome it. What positive changes you bought in yourself to eliminate this weakness.

5. What was your biggest mistake?
This question is just like the above one. You have to highlight your flaws. Adopt the approach mentioned in the above question and present a positive side of yourself.

6. Why do you think you should win the scholarship?
You have excellent grades and you need financial aid. These two reasons are not enough for the scholarship provider to award your scholarship. Think differently to answer this question.

Tell them about your previous success and how you achieved that. Ensure them you are able to get such success in the near future again. Their money won’t be wasted if they award you a scholarship.

7. Where do you see yourself after some years?
You can go anywhere in your dreams. Think big and give them a good answer. Tell them that you think your future is very bright. Tell them your approach to get your goals and this scholarship is going to help you in all possible ways.

8. Who do you idealize?
This question is asked to know about yourself and your thinking. What keeps you motivated is also important. Tell them what are the things that make you idealize someone. What inspires you the most.

9. Do you have Leadership experience? Tell us about it.
You have mentioned your experience in the application form, but they still want to listen to you. This is to check your interest and passion. In case you do not have any experience then you can talk about your leadership qualities, and what things you can do easily.

10. What is your favorite movie, song, or book?
This is asked to know about your personality and thinking. Usually, the question is related to the books as

11. Why do you want to get admission to this university?
Discuss the thing for which the university is famous. It should be about the subject or any course offered by the university. Tell them how it has a good impact on you and your career.

12. Which is your favorite subject?
Tell them about your favorite subject with passion and positive energy. Add words like the subject is easy for you or you grab it easily. Tell them about the good grades you obtained in this subject.

13. Discuss any significant experience you had in school?
This is an extra opportunity to impress the judges. You can tell them any good experience e.g. Any assignment you did in the group, any teacher, or saying by a teacher that inspired you a lot.

14. Were you involved in any activities at school or in the community?
Here you have to tell all the extracurricular activities and competitions you had at your school. If you never participated in any event then just try to highlight your abilities to be a part of any competition.

15. Do you want to ask something?                                                                                             

Last question of most of the interviews. Try not to say no in the answer. This shows you are not much interested. Try to show interest with relevant questions.


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