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Study in Japan 2022-2023, How costly is it to study in japan?

Study Abroad 2022-2023, Study in Japan 2022-2023

Do you have a dream to study in Japan? Are you planning to get a degree from your dream Japanese university? If yes, then along with other important things related to your studies you would also like to know the exact cost of your study and stay there. This article will help you in calculating all your expenses while you stay in Japan including all your academic and non-academic expenses.

Why choose Japan?

1- best education system
2- Japan is a safe affordable and ideal city for foreign students
3- Scholarships are available
4- High living standard
5- Part times jobs are legal and easy to find
6- Job opportunities after graduation

Academic expenses

Although it is generally considered that Japan is one of the most expensive countries to live in but universities in japan usually offer affordable and relatively less expensive degree programs as compared to universities in America, England, or New Zealand. The good news for foreign students is that the universities in japan usually do not charge extra fees from international students and their fee is the same as local students or it may be less than them in some institutions. Language schools in Japan offer courses at very affordable prices as compared to language schools in any other country.

Residence expenses

Many schools and universities in Japan offer hostel facilities for their local as well as international students. Other than these hostel room facilities, Japanese institutions also offer apartment stays, weekly charged mansion stays, homestay, or share house facilities which are
provided at extremely affordable prices. The cost of residence is between 380 to 900 US dollars.


Dorms Provided by educational institutions are shared by 4 to 6 students. Dorms shared by 2 people are also available. This is the least expensive residence for foreign students. On average it costs 285 US dollars.

Private apartments

Although private apartments are slightly more expensive than dorms, they provide more privacy and personal freedom. Therefore some students may prefer to live in private rented hostels. Once they arrive in japan and get familiar with the surroundings they can rent a room or apartment which is more affordable or which is more favorable for them depending on other factors such as freedom, presence of nearby marts, comfortableness, etc. Note that, if you wish to live in privately rented rooms, chances are your utility bills and gas or electricity bills are not included in your monthly or weekly charges and need to be paid separately. The average cost of a utility bill for a student in Japan is around 100 dollars and that of electricity and gas is around 38 to 30 US dollars. The water bill can cost around 28 to 30 US dollars. Some other charges also need to be mentioned here, which include entrance fee, Wi-Fi and library charges, and security fee, etc. These are to be paid as soon as the student joins university.

Total living expenses

Total living costs which include tuition fees may vary. Factors affecting monthly expenses include the location of residence, the city you are living in, and university and degree program. The average cost per person in Japan is about 1300 US dollars. Shikoku is the least expensive with the yearly cost of 990 to 100 US dollars while in Kanto the expenses can reach up to 1470 US dollars which is the most expensive.

Transportation costs

Contrary to general belief japan is quite cheap when it comes to travel and transportation expenses. If you compare it with any other country such as China, Canada, England, or Australia it is reasonably low and affordable. Tokyo is the least expensive among famous capitals of the world such as Toronto, Wellington, Berlin, and Beijing, etc.

Non-academic expenses

Along with studies, you also need to relax and entertain yourself during your stay.
Japan is a beautiful city with a lot of appealing places. Once you are in Japan you cannot leave without exploring these spots. Talking about picnics and entertainment, the first thing that comes to mind is food. Although street food is not really common in japan like many other countries, it is not difficult to find an affordable restaurant here. These Japanese restaurants not only provide food at a reasonable price but also serve scrumptious food. Also, there are so many shops in Japan called 100 yen shops which sell everything at 100 yen which is less than 1 dollar. You can buy things of daily household and souvenirs for your family and friends back home.


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