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The journey of Tesla to become Worlds Most valuable car Company

Tesla came into competition with the world’s most valuable car company in the last few months. By hitting the share $1,000 in the past few days, Tesla leaves Ford, General Motors behind. Even companies such as Honda and Fiat Chrysler put together cannot compete with Tesla now. Investors are now looking forward to the Tesla Company for future projects to invest in. Tesla is not even close to how large and stable other companies are including Toyota and ford. While it has a market share more than any of these companies that are making investors invest here for the best plans in forecast future. Tesla has reached $190 billion market capitalization, even though it is still not close to Toyota market capitalization that is $210.5 billion. The data compiled in Bloomberg claims that expectedly the 11% share will increase in Tesla company, however it has already increased 23% by the beginning of June.

Despite the gulf in two the valuations scale of automakers including The Palo Alto, Tesla valuations increases. The Palo Alto that is based in California, produces electric cars that reach approximately 103,00 vehicles in the first quarter that almost makes 4% coming near to a total of 2.4 million that was made by Toyota. At the same time, Tesla has been successfully made 9% on a few days ago that is near to above $1,000 and the Chief executive officer informed his workers and employees to start the production of our semi-truck as this is for the first time the CEO, while in a statement to his employees was reported to have said along the lines that its time for his company to pull out all the stops and start doing mass production for its Semi truck model.

We covered the last item yesterday when information on CEO Elon Musk’s email initially disclosed. Howbeit, it is known that email was quite short, similar to me telling the staff of  Drive that soon in a spaceship we are going to space without offering any specification of when, why, and how. Musk cannot put a past by playing a juice to Tesla’s stock price. It sure did work. The thing is, however, that the Covid-19 is an encumbrance to every firm, Tesla’s on route to enjoy a wonderful year, and Toyota—a highly profitable and large business—according to some the analyst will be seen as a giant, slow to convert into a company focused mainly on mobility and electrification. The Bloomberg story states, Toyota has not been on the front line compared to their enemy firms who are swiftly moving into complete EVs, ergo maybe criticism to some part is right.

Still, Tesla is loved by Wall Street, making other companies envious.

The delay in VW;s

In today’s time, where technology has made people’s life easier in many ways, people have now started to look forward to electric cars for easy, comfortable, and luxurious traveling. The investors and all auto-makers companies are putting major efforts in utilizing electricity for automatic cars. Besides, all other automakers, Volkswagen are doing it massively by deigning a large-scale of EVs on all its brands. The leading vehicle in this regard is similar to long-range electric golf that is titled as Volkswagen ID.3. Unfortunately, this version has some teething issues due to which the deliveries are now delayed and expected to start again at the end of this year. Moreover, the supply chains are also affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This proves that it is extremely difficult for even the most stable and huge companies like Volkswagen to deal with complex software of these vehicles, so Tesla Inc. has proven to be a great company in this regard as it has been still producing and selling electric cars in many regions.


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