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What are the International Fully Funded scholarships?

Knowledge for the International fully funded scholarships, Easy to Win

Studying abroad to pursue your career goals is once in a lifetime experience. However, such experiences usually cost a lot of fortunes. Fortunately, the internationally fully funded scholarships come to rescue you in such a situation and lend a helping hand. These scholarships are mostly awarded to international students and are amongst the most prestigious scholarships. The scholarships offered usually cover all the academic expenditures such as the tuition fee, research funding, travel grants for international conferences or workshops as well as living costs. Moreover, sometimes they even cover return airfare to home country for international students. Since the package looks attractive and all the financial aid does not need to be repaid, they are highly sought after and it’s highly competent to secure such a scholarship. Fortunately, governments around the world are increasingly focusing on research and academia and hence creating opportunities for researchers to earn such scholarships.

The international fully funded scholarships are usually either merit-based or university-based only. Thus, these are usually awarded to scholars having an exceptional academic track record in their research direction. Your academic grades i.e., the grade point average (GPA) and the standardized test scores (such as GRE in the US) also count. In some countries, additional documents such as motivation letters, statements of purpose, and/or research proposals are also required along with written testimonials from your previous professors. The process is usually lengthy and sometimes includes online interviews or presentations to judge the motivation and caliber of the candidate better.  Keeping in mind all these points, you must prepare all the documents with great care and effort. Be patient and persevere and apply at as many places as possible. Manage the deadlines carefully and do not compensate for the quality of your supporting documents in order to save time and apply at maximum places.

International scholarships are awarded in most the developed countries. In the US the Fulbright scholarship is one of the most prestigious fully funded scholarships for international students. Similarly, in the UK the British Chevening scholarships are also fully funded and cover both the tuition fee and living costs.  However, these are mostly awarded to students looking for one year master’s degree in the UK. Similarly, the Gates Cambridge fully funded scholarship is open to all international students to pursue higher education at the prestigious Cambridge University. Along the same lines, fully funded scholarships are awarded by most of the highly ranked universities in Australia and New Zealand. Among the other, famous fully funded scholarships are the DAAD scholarships awarded by Germany and the Erasmus Mundus scholarships, which are offered to students pursuing a master’s degree with split programs in Europe. In Asia, the highest number of fully-funded international scholarships are offered by the Chinese government under the Chinese scholarship council (CSC).


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