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What Are The Parts of a Car (part-1)

Here is the list of the parts of the Car parts (Part-1). Go to: Car Parts (Part-2)

 Car Parts (Part-1)
crankcase: a metal cast housing that encloses the connecting rods, and the crankshaft, etc
crank: farm of handle incorporating a crank that used to start an engine
cowl: a car body part that gives support to the bonnet and windscreen
connecting rod: a bar or rod for transmitting motion in the engine
coil: a transformer in the petrol engine that supplies the high voltage to the sparking plugs
clutch: a device that enables two revolving shafts to be joined or disconnecting as per requirement
choke: a device that enriches the petrol-air mixture by reducing the air supply
childproof lock: a type of safety lock
chassis: a steel frame with an engine, mechanical parts, and wheels of a vehicle, to which the body is attached
catalytic converter: a device used in vehicles to manage the exhausts of vehicles
carburetor: device that atomizing the petrol and manage mixture with air etc into the engine
camshaft: a shaft that has one or more cams attached to it
bumper: horizontal bar attached to the front or rear of the vehicle to protect against damage from impact
bucket seat: seats in a vehicle having curve that partially enclose and balance or support the body
brake: device for slowing or stopping a wheel, shaft, vehicle, etc
brake pad: a piece of the flat metal casting, together with the bound friction material, in a disc brake
brake light: attached red light to the rear of a vehicle that lights up when the brakes applied
boot: a compartment of a vehicle for holding luggage usually at the rear
bonnet: metal part of the vehicle body like a shelter that provides access to the engine, or to the luggage space in a rear-engined vehicle
big end: larger end of the connecting rod in the internal-combustion engine of the vehicle
bearing: a guide, support or locating piece for a rotating or reciprocating mechanical part
battery: primary cells that provide a source of electric current
battery: primary cells that provide a source of electric current
axle: shaft or bar on which a wheel, pair of wheels, or other rotating member revolves
anti-roll bar: rubber-mounted bar in the suspension of a vehicle
ammeter: an instrument for the purpose of measuring electric current in amperes
alternator: an electric machine that generates alternating current
airbag: a life safety device in the car
accelerator: speed increasing device

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