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What Are The Parts of a Car (part-2)

Here is the list of the parts of a car (Part-2). Go To Car Parts (Part-3)

 Car Parts (Part-2)
parcel shelf: a removable shelf in the vehicle located behind the back seats of a car or vehicle that used as a store for small items
oil pump: a mechanical device that pushes or sends lubricating oil under pressure to the parts and bearings where it required
oil pressure gauge: a device to announce the pressure of oil of the engine of the vehicle
oil filter: a removable/openable filter that separates the impurities from the engine oil
numberplate: a plate fixed on the back and front of a vehicle bearing its registration number
mudflap: a flap fixed on the vehicle that protects from debris and mud
mileometer or milometer: a device that manages and records the number of kilometers that a vehicle has traveled
manifold: a pipe or chamber with a number of outlets or inlets to collect or distribute a fluid
luggage rack: cabinet for the purpose of holding luggage
lock: device to a vehicle to prevent use by an unauthorized person
jack: device for exerting a large force, especially to raise a heavyweight like a vehicle
indicator: left or right turning indicating lights of a vehicle
hubcap: a detachable cap that is fitting onto of the wheel
hood: folding roof of the vehicle
headrest: curved shaped part of the seat that supports the head
headlight: a well equipped powerful front light of a vehicle
hazard lights: indicating lights of the vehicle
hardtop: permanent rigid roof of a vehicle
hand brake: brake which operated by a hand
glove compartment: for the storage of miscellaneous articles a compartment in a dashboard
gear: transmitting motion mechanism
gear lever: a commanding lever that used to disengage or engage any number of transmission gear sets
gearbox: a metal cover or case which sealed the mechanism of gear
gasket: rubber, packing piece of paper, etc that is sandwiched in between the flanges or faces of a joint for seal proofing
fuel gauge: an instrument that indicates the level of fuel
fog lamp: a specific colored powerful light that for use in a foggy environment
fender: car body part that surrounds the wheels
fascia: second name of the dashboard in British
fan: a rotating device which has the number of blades to produced air
fan belt: a belt that rotates to a fan
exhaust: where exhausted gases pass
engine: a machine that to convert energy into mechanical work
drive shaft: rod or shaft that transmits power from the gear to the differential
door: for an opening into car
distributer cap: engine distributor cap that holds in one place the wires from the opening of distributer
disc brake: brake in which two caliper-operated pads to rub against a flat disc when the brake is applied
dipstick: a graduated strip or rod that dipped into a container to indicate the fluid level
demister: a device incorporating a blower and/or heater that used in a vehicle to free the windscreen of condensation
dashboard: the instrument front panel in a car, aircraft or boat
cylinder: the chamber in a reciprocating internal-combustion engine, compressor or pump within which the piston moves
cylinder head: the detachable casting metal that fits onto the top of the cylinder block crankshaft: a rod or shaft having single or more cranks

Car Parts (Part-3)


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