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What Are The Parts of a Car (part-3)

Here is the list of the parts of a car (Part-3).

Car Parts (Part-3)

wheel: a solid metal disc, or a circular round rim joined to a hub that is mounted on a shaft about which it can turn, as in vehicles
universal joint: a coupling unit between two rotating shafts that allow the freedom of angular movement in all directions
tyre: rubber hosting that placed over the rim provides the traction and reduce the road shocks
trim:  decorative facings and the upholstery, as on the door panels of a car’s interior
transmission: a mechanism of converters, shafts, torque, and gears that transmits power
traction control: mechanism of preventing car wheels from spinning when traction is applied by limiting the amount of power supplied to the wheel
towbar: a way of preventing wheels from spinning when traction is applied by limiting the amount of power supplied to the wheel
torsion bar: a torsional spring metal bar that used in the suspensions of the vehicles
tailpipe: engine exhaust gases discharged by this terminal pipe of the exhaust system of the vehicle
tailgate: hatchback vehicle rear door
tail light or rear light: red light that attached to the rear of a vehicle
suspension: combined multiple systems of shock absorbers, springs that support the vehicle structure from the shocks transmitted by the wheels
sunshine roof or sunroof: a moving panel in the roof of the vehicle that may be open at wish
sump: lower part of the crankcase of an internal-combustion engine into which lubricants o liquids that can be a drain to the form a reservoir
steering wheel: a wheel in the hands of the driver for the change of direction of the vehicle that is connected to the front wheels, rudder
steering column: a bar/shaft that is mounted with steering wheel and other side connected with the steering gear
starter: a powerful electric motor that engages with the flywheel of the engine to do start the internal-combustion engine
sprocket:  thin wheel having teeth projecting radially from the rim that is driven by a chain
speedometer: a device in front of the driver that displays the speed of travel
spare wheel: a tyred wheel keep in the vehicle that could be replaced with a flat tyre in emergency need
soft top: convertible designed roof of the vehicle
silencer: a device to reduce the engine noise of the vehicle
shock absorber: a mechanical device that absorbs the vehicle shock
satnav: a system that navigates the driver from satellites to find the destination way
safety belt or seat belt: a strap or belt worn in vehicle seats to restrain forward motion in case of danger jerk
roof: a structure that covers the passengers of the vehicle
reversing light: rear of the vehicle fixed a light that warns the vehicle is being reversed
rear-view mirror: a mirror fixed at front of the driver at the vehicle that enables to see the behind coming traffic
radiator: a system that radiates the head electromagnetic waves
points: electrical contacts that break or make the current flow in the distributor of an internal-combustion engine
piston: a cylindrical part that pushes move or slides to and fro in a hollow cylinder
petrol gauge: this system indicates the level of petrol in the tank of a vehicle
petrol cap: a cover that closes the hole of petrol intake of the vehicle
pedal: foot-operated device or lever
parking light: indication light that declared a vehicle at a parking


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